We provide educational workshops that introduce school age children, teens, and parents to technical disciplines in a fun, interactive, and informative manner.

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Often, the leap between basic programming and its relationship to robotics is unrealized by the general public. In fact, it appears too many that a car just works magically. Most hardware...

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Physical Computing

In this workshop we give the student and Introduction to the Raspberry Pi computer. Explore setting up the Raspberry Pi hardware and software and booting your Pi for the first time....

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Have you ever wanted to be able to use a high end video camera? At VisionTechAlliance workshop, we offer an opportunity to learn how to use sophisticated television cameras, how to...

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Why Choose Us? Find reasons to choose us as your technical instructors!

Our Students Are Priority

We value the STEM foundation that we are setting for the future generations.

Highly Educated, Certified, and Motivated Instructors

Certified, tested, and highly motivated instruction gives us the necessities to provide high quality lessons! We also have Carnegie Mellon Robotics Academy certified instructors on staff!

Classroom Basics

Providing young minds the basic foundations of STEM to help them develop their overall concepts and understanding of the basic functionality of technology.

Hands On Experience

What better way to teach than hands on experience in the classroom setting!

VisionTechAlliance has several training classes. Please view a short video from our latest class.

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